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Do Not Miss the Raved About Adaptation of a Classic Book at the Aquila Theatre

See your favorite novel come to life with the Aquila Theatre’s incredible new production of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility! The talented cast, crew, and producers of Aquila has expanded the canon of classical works for the stage by adapting Jane Austen's timeless story for a special performance.

Sense & Sensibility is one of Jane Austen's most popular novels in which characters live in a world of limited choices— especially for women. The story revolves around the lives of two sisters: Elinor, who is levelheaded and full of sense, and the hopelessly romantic Marianne. After the untimely and unexpected death of their father, both sisters and their mother are forced to leave their comfortable lives, while their half-brother and his wife inherit the family estate. The only hope for these two sisters is a profitable marriage, which sets them down a dramatic path full of seduction, courtship, love, heartbreak, and surprise in this classic romantic comedy.

Theater buffs will love this bold and exciting new production directed by Aquila's artistic director Desiree Sanchez. This unique show incorporates her innovative use of space, movement, design, and sound which the D.C. Metro praised as “wildly inventive, and the production choices made were carried out beautifully." Come see the most buzzed-about new adaptation as it takes the stage at the Aquila Theatre!

At River Trail Apartments in Ogden, Kansas, it is clear that we have it all, but we still feel obliged to inform you of all the events our community has scheduled. Please feel free to join in all of the fun at this event!

Event Time/Date:
Friday, March 2, 2018—7:30 PM

Event Venue Location:
Aquila Theatre
1501 Goldstein Circle
Manhattan, Kansas 66506

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