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Learn How to Remove Sticky Messes

Anytime you have to remove a label, sticker, or tape, you can be left with a sticky residue that is almost impossible to remove. This is especially difficult if the adhesive is old or has been exposed to high temperatures or humidity. Here are some helpful hints to make removing this gunk easier.

First, try to remove as much adhesive as possible by scraping away at the glue. You can use your fingernail or the dull edge of a knife. If that does not remove all of the adhesive, you will need to use chemical agents.

On any surface, first test it in an inconspicuous place to make sure it will not be damaged by the chemicals you use. The simplest solution to use is one of warm water, liquid dish washing detergent, and vinegar. Soak the label in this solution and let stand. After a few moments, the label can be removed easily. For stubborn adhesives, use ammonia instead of vinegar. This solution will need to remain on the surface for a longer period of time, up to two hours. Reapply if the label dries out. Do not, however, use ammonia on plastic or aluminum surfaces.

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